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i am pissed. after putting in 11 months of effort into building a site based on non-corporate/non-profit ideas, it was rudly taken from me by the @home corporation. bullshit.

@home fraud department has nothing better to do than shut down a website that would use less bandwidth per day then an hour long quake 3 game. my contract clearly stated that running an http/ftp server was strictly my responsibility. they changed the contract with no notice. then proceeded to cut off my connection on wed, sept 13 2000. my connection was returned when i agreed not to run any server of any kind. p.o did not fair so well. left with no home it was forced to be shut down.

i've had many offer to for hosting. thank you all, but the freedom of running a webserver from your bedroom is uncompared. however, Tarsh was kind enough to take on fouff, lorenzo, and myself to post on moronic.org. he is also now hosting p.o in its current state: dead. yes, this is what i call it. dead.

fear not, i am not a quiter. p.o will return with even more meat, maybe even with a bigger purpose. as long as i am around, p.o will flicker some sort of light. in the months to come the non-profit revolution will continue.

thank you all. especially the 1100+ employees, i would not continue p.o if you didn't exist.

phes (@).
p.o contact info.

url phester.org
email phester@home.com
sms (to cell) phester@fido.ca
voice mail* 604.974.0998 ext. 2156

*if you want to laugh, call. i will post most or the voice mail below for public hearing, unless you request otherwise.

more contact info (old posters email addresses).

phes phester@home.com
Lorenzo lorenzo@phester.org
fouff cleaman@sfu.ca
jester dennis@vantutech.com
ellis ellis@geeknews.com
d0tc0m d0tc0m@home.com
MatriX kalebkreft@hotmail.com
html w3bb@home.com
KRuNGE demetrej@altimateguru.com

props. links. plugs.

Moronic.org - the host with the most. this page was brought to you in part by Tarsh. thanks again, friend.

future plans for this page.

a. list of employees.
b. possibly a bbs.
c. other small changes.

p.o voice mail

phes [09.24.00]
Rampage [09.24.00]
Lorenzo [09.24.00]
Lorenzo 2 [09.24.00]
fouff [09.25.00]
Tarsh [09.26.00]
Tarsh 2 [09.27.00]
fouff 2 [09.29.00]
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